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55 And Over Communities

55 And Over Communities

At Connect55+, we firmly believe that a retirement community doesn't have to be dull or boring. We put this belief into practice when running our many independent living communities across the United States. We strive to provide our residents with high-quality care, entertainment, and the support they need to maintain an independent existence well into their autumn years.

If you or a loved one is preparing to enter one of our 55 and over communities, it's only natural to feel some degree of intimidation. For this reason, we have prepared this comprehensive breakdown of our services. Read on for everything you can expect when entering a Connect55+ retirement community.

Superior Amenities

At Connect55+, we provide community care services for the elderly all over America. All of our 55 and over communities boast the finest facilities and amenities. Our residents have access to on-site gyms, movie theaters, hair salons, and more. We even have a computer room on each property, allowing our residents to master modern technology and keep up with the times.

Pets Allowed

Many providers of independent living for seniors fail to recognize the important role a pet can play in an older person's health and happiness. For this reason, they refuse to allow new residents to bring their pets into their facility. Unsurprisingly, this leads to separation anxiety for both the resident and their pet. At Connect55+, we understand that the bond between a person and their pet cannot and should not be broken by aging. That's why each of our facilities is animal-friendly and allows residents to continue to care for their pets as we care for them.

Private Apartments

No matter what age you are, privacy is important. Everybody deserves a space of their own where they can unwind and indulge in their creature comforts. For this reason, we offer private apartments to our residents. These apartments are spacious and equipped with the latest safety features. This allows our residents to maintain their independence without threat of an accident or mishap.

Active Living

As mentioned earlier, Connect55+ was founded on the belief that a person should not have to stop having fun just because they reach a certain age. That's why we encourage active senior living. We facilitate this lifestyle through the many amenities of our communities. These amenities are complemented by optional courses in a variety of subjects, including art, health, and nutrition. The wide selection of classes we offer allows our residents to continue enjoying the hobbies they love, while also exploring new activities and learning new skills.


Connect55+ is proud to be one of the most inclusive providers of senior care in the entire United States. We boast a diverse group of clients and residents and strive to make all new residents feel comfortable, regardless of their background. Through our inclusive assisted living facility, residents have formed friendships with individuals from completely different walks of life, thus opening the door to exciting new experiences in their senior years.

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