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Calgary Facial Fillers

Calgary Facial Fillers
Facial Esthetics in Calgary offers facial fillers as a treatment option for younger looking skin. If you’ve been considering your options and are looking for an affordable treatment to combat sagging skin or wrinkles due to aging skin, facial fillers may be what you’ve been searching for.
Soft tissue fillers are sometimes called cosmetic injectable fillers, wrinkle fillers, or dermal fillers. By whatever name they’re being referred to, they are virtually all the same treatment and are used to fight the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. As we age, our skin loses collagen, causing our skin to become thin and look saggy or wrinkly.
At the Calgary Clinic, facial fillers are used for a plumping effect to fill lines, creases or wrinkled areas. As a result, trouble spots nearly disappear. This is great news for clients looking for a quick and effective treatment that will provide great results. Facial fillers can also be used as ‘volumizers’ that in effect, plump up and lift the cheeks, create distinct jaw lines, accent the temples and work to fill out thin lips and even plump the back of the hands where skin can appear thin as we age.
Facial Esthetics in Calgary offers facial fillers as a treatment option because it comes with so many benefits, including:
- Virtually no down time except for the time spend in the office. Clients have the option to schedule a treatment during a lunch break and then finish off their way of work with no adverse effects. Facial fillers offers a non-invasive treatment option that provides exceptional results without worrying about taking time off of work or finding a caregiver while recovering. After your treatment, you can even drive yourself home or back to work.
- Instant results are the number one reason why so many people are looking to facial fillers as a means to recapture their youth. The full results of your injections may not culminate for a few days, but you will definitely see immediate results.
- While most surgeries come with a wide range of risks associated with them, facial fillers do not; fillers carry only very mild risks with a low occurrence, so you can feel very confident about visiting Facial Esthetics in Calgary for facial fillers treatment. 
- Depleted volume is one of the most visible results of aging. Facial fillers effectively replenishes volume loss in key areas like the cheeks and the forehead, so you can look younger instantly and feel much more comfortable with the look of your skin.
If you’ve been considering your options, contact Facial Esthetics in Calgary and ask about treatment options including facial fillers. Feel free to request a complimentary consultation in the office to determine the right treatment plan for the best results.
For more information, call 587-393-3811 or take advantage of the free resources available at to learn more about treatment options for more youthful and beautiful skin.
Calgary Facial Fillers
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