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Drug Treatment Mission Viejo

Some people hesitate against enrolling to detox because they do not like long confinements. Staying in an inpatient drug treatment facility may feel like staying in prison when you do not understand the purpose of separating from society. It is essential to know how your body will respond to different treatment lengths before settling for any of the following overall programs:

  • Thirty-day programs
  • Two-month programs
  • Ninety-day programs
  • Extended programs in sober living facilities and halfway house settings

The only important factor while choosing a treatment duration is your body’s response. Most addicts get sober within three months and do not need to initiate the second month to kickstart the recovery. The various treatment programs mirror the multiple degrees of addiction. One who waits for the completion of the program will find it to be more effective in delivering faster and robust results.

Benefits of the thirty-day program

A month-long program is an excellent way to begin your treatment. It offers one time to get through the withdrawal and physical symptoms without causing stress to your mental and emotional state.

A thirty-day program requires minimal commitment and allows one to begin the application of relapse prevention skills as soon as they learn. Typically, a month-long program will cost less than the sixty and ninety-day programs.

Benefits of the sixty-day treatment

This program has added support and time in comparison to the thirty-day program. One has time to detox and stay independent because the sessions take long enough. The detox formula helps one work through behavioral, situational, and familial situations that contribute to the addiction.

A sixty-day detox plan is more intense because it gives one time to execute each detox plan and maintain consistent sobriety. Insurance packages that do not cover the full length of the program will offer several payment plans for you to make small monthly pays.

Benefits of the ninety-day program

The three-month drug treatment in Mission Viejo is intimidating to anyone who does not have experience with rehab centers. Luckily, they have the highest success rates because they include in-depth evaluation, detox, therapy, and self-help.

The program gives one time to adjust to a life free of drugs and medical support. The result is stronger coping skills that help one identify triggers fast and accurately.

The most recommendable length of stay varies according to the patient and the treatment in Mission Viejo. Many centers offer one-month therapy as the standard service. The addition of days incurs additional fees.

TruVida Recovery understands that addiction is an illness and not just a will to take drugs. We tailor our programs to provide ultimate care for your chosen length of stay. Our professions will monitor your state and recommend early discharge or an extension. Some people may spend less by going through a single treatment program, while others will spend more by going through several programs.

We aim to give you a life that will be easy to maintain long after you leave the outpatient programs. Call us for an evaluation of your state so that we can recommend the most formidable treatment plan.

Drug Treatment Mission Viejo
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